An app that allows you to customise your Mingalarbar Morning experience combined with a chat feature built solely for Myanmar. MyMingalarbar runs smoothly even on low end devices and flaky cellular networks.
an app to rule it all.
MyMingalarbar is the first news and social chat application developed exclusively for Myanmar. It runs on technology that minimises data usage, saving you money!

Create a customised news feed, always stay connected with friends, share fun stickers, start dating, play arcade games and more!

Join the MyMingalarbar community and become part of something big.
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unlimited chatting.
Why SMS when you can MyChat for free?

  • Share the latest news stories with your friends
  • Create group chats with up to 30 people
  • Send up to 5 photos at once with captions
sticker store.
Get stickers with your favourite MyMinglarbar Friends - Bon Bon, Ton Ton, Sandi and more!
Meet the love of your life through MyMingalarbar Date.

  • Completely FREE to view up to 60 profiles per day and swipe to skip or like your matches.
  • Easily connect with people nearby
  • Create filters based on age, gender and distance.
  • Enhance your dating experience with a Premium Subscription- unlock unlimited profiles to increase your chances of meeting that special someone.
  • Use Crush and Rewind to boost up your chances to be matched with your soul mates!
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MyMingalarbar v1.0
  • Complete redesign to improve the user experience
  • New media section that integrates with Mingalarbar Morning for one-stop news
  • Social section for chat, dating and making new friends
  • Personal feed to see the latest stories from your friends and post your own
Version 2.6
  • Crush and Rewind added as premium features to Date
  • Mingalarbar Morning news integrated into MyChat
  • Users can select topics of interest to create a customised newsfeed
  • Single player arcade games added
  • User can now add friends by entering their phone number
Version 2.5
  • Refine the Date feature
    1. Removed banner photo; made avatar bigger on the user profile screen
    2. Tap on profile photo to expand
    3. Add a highlighted photos section
  • Show default status if user hasn't set it
  • Free user accounts can chat after matching; previously a premium feature
Version 2.4
  • Add "Date" tab to main menu
  • New users of Date receive a 7-day trial to view unlimited profiles
  • Free accounts on Date receive 20 profiles per day
  • Remove icons from Payment screen to reduce app size
Version 2.3
  • Can forward messages
  • Split push notifications of each group chat
  • Show message preview in push notifications
  • URL preview
  • Created a Sticker store with free and paid stickers
  • Share a sticker pack
  • Share images or links from the web or phone photo gallery into MyChat
  • Expanded payment options:
    1. MECTel and Telenor phone billing
    2. MECTel top-up card
    3. Red Dot Payments
    4. Online wallet
Version 2.2
  • Remove "Nearby friends" from Discover
  • Combined Apps and Games into a sub-tab under Discover
  • Add "Stickers" as second sub-tab under Discover
  • Redesign photo sharing UI
  • Add new keyboard layout
  • Change send message icon
  • Add "Share Location" into chat
  • Add "Share Contact" into chat
  • Add "Page Down" button into chat
  • Group messages togeher that are sent/received within a one minute period
  • Able to download a paid sticker pack
  • Add in-app browser viewing
Version 2.1
  • Add "Share Profile" feature
  • Add "Downloader" to push updates for APK users
  • Add "Response" button when opening a profile of a friend request
Version 2.0
  • Complete UI redesign of MyChat
  • Transitioned from Firebase to building our own real time messaging system
  • Streamline onboarding process
  • News feed removed
  • Add “Discover” tab to main menu
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