My Hero - Bo Lattae
One of the very first RPS games in Myanmar featuring a variety of well known Heroes within an adventurous fantasy world.
The game offers an adventurous fantasy world, complex fighting combinations and massive explosions, topped off with ultimate retaliation skills and epic animations. Join thousands of players in this exciting adventure. It’s easy to play! You won't stop shooting!
key features.
  • Transform into over 100 of your favourite heroes.
  • Beautiful chibi graphics, live dubbing.
  • Four categories of skilled characters.
  • A unique combination between a RPG (role-playing game) and third-person shooter.
  • Invite your friends to play - fight against Bosses or fight against each other.
  • Real PvP (player versus player) battles.
  • Summon friends to assist you in battle.
  • Create a clan/guild and invite other players to join.
  • Hundreds of weapons and armour sets for your heroes.
  • Unique system ranking challenges.
  • Choose from numerous skilled pets for additional protection.