Land of Magic
This is the first MMORPG in Myanmar. Join thousands of online gamers to embark on a new adventure! Come see what the excitement is all about!
Land of Magic is not just a mobile game. It will transport you into an ominous world where humans and monsters coexist secretly in the Land of Magic. Monsters lurk everywhere and danger can be found around every corner. People have formed alliances to defend themselves against mighty beasts and monsters. Warriors are a force to be reckoned with, magicians control fire and taoists control monsters. Unite together to fight against the minotaur and recapture the Land of Magic
key features.
  • Localised for Myanmar.
  • Innovative and realistic 3D graphic design.
  • Three classes to choose from: Taoist, Magician and Warrior.
  • Abundant skill sets: each class has nine unique, majestic skills.
  • Unlimited PK (player killing) battle world: battle against intimidating Bosses.
  • Challenge any other player in the PvP (player versus player) PK Arena.
  • Create a clan/guild, fight together and win together.
  • Upgrade and expand your weaponry to make yourself unstoppable.
  • Optimized to run smoothly on any mobile device.