Fish Hunter 3D - KoTaNgar
If you like MyFish then you will love this spin-off game with enhanced 3D graphics, bigger bosses and customised guns to become the most powerful Fish Hunter across the Seven Seas.
Fish Hunter 3D - KoTaNgar is a fish hunting game that supports up to four-players with enhanced 3D graphics, more bosses, more rooms and more guns and an option to customise weapons. Intense PvP (player versus player) in the sea arena for the chance to win treasures that can be exchanged for gifts.
key features.
  • Upgrade and collect many powerful guns with a variety of features
  • Use various fishing tools to enhance your gun to make hunting even easier
  • Bosses appear out of nowhere for the daily big-game hunt
  • Collect fragments to exchange for a variety of gifts
  • Attain VIP status to receive daily gifts