Age of Glory -
Yarzawin Thuyekaung
This MMORPG has stunning 3D visuals with characters that are beautifully rendered. Create a guild with friends and enter massive PvP battle arenas. Can your phone handle all this action?
Once upon a time there was a peaceful kingdom where the people prospered and enjoyed life. As there had been no conflict for a long period of time, the kingdom no longer defended itself. This vulnerability led to an invasion by an evil clan that could control animals and turn them into fierce monsters. The kingdom unites while local heroes emerge to fight to reclaim their land and bring back the Age of Glory.
key features.
  • Localised for Myanmar.
  • 3D graphics with real time visual effects.
  • 3 characters to choose from - Dark Knight, Dark Wizard and Fairy Elf.
  • An endless array of character customisation options.
  • Purchase Dragon, Demon or Angel companions to help you fight.
  • Upgrade your gear to become a fierce warrior.
  • Create guilds of up to 120 players.
  • PvP (player versus player) battle arenas for both individuals and guilds.